The Solution to warmth and comfort is Loft Insulation the Igloo way!






The UK Government has again extended the CERT scheme until 2012. Following the reasonable success of the existing scheme whereby approximately 3.5 million homes have received new loft insulation to reduce overall CO2 emmissions.



Igloo has now written to no fewer than 4 of the major UK utility companies offering a brand new CESP opportunity.


New and First UK stockist.

EH Smith the well known independent Midlands based builders merchant is now an official stockist for HatchThatch.






Welcome to the website of Igloo Environmental. We are a young organisation with very exciting new products. We are determined to reduce worldwide the huge quantity of CO2 being emitted into the environment.  We are dynamic, revolutionary and most importantly possess a can-do attitude and are not frightened to tackle and solve very difficult environmental problems. Our ultimate task is to install a loft hatch insulation product into all of the 300 million worldwide homes that currently have no loft hatch insulation. Crucially, we only want to fabricate our products from recycled and sustainable materials.



Our mission (formalised and invoked into our constitution) is to recycle and reuse valuable resources to radically reduce the harmful effects of the emmission of both Co2 and Co2e by producing environmentally friendly products that can be used worldwide that shall enable us to achieve our objectives.


Our Primary tasks are:


  • to reduce the preventable emmission of millions of tonnes of worldwide carbon dioxide each year. Our HatchThatch product has a working life of 50 years. This means that we are looking to reduce carbon emmissions over the next 50 years by no less than 500,000,000 tonnes of CO2.
  • To recycle waste streams including plastic bottles, factory carpet waste and recycle other waste into useful loft insulation products.
  • To recycle other waste streams including bashed up and destroyed to destruction bank notes, old NHS blankets, worn out carpets, waste paper and other fibres. Most importantly to prevent biodegradable waste being landfilled and degenerating to CO2e (inter alia, methane).

Methane (CH4) is also an official greenhouse gas. Due to its chemical nature scientists classify it as being 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas  compared to CO2

Each year the UK places approximately 5 million tonnes of paper to landfill. Without any counter measures this paper mountain shall emit roughly 210 million tonnes of CO2e  into the atmosphere.


Did you know? If all across the world a HatchThatch was to be installed it would save the equivalent CO2 of removing all the vehicles of the UK roads for 12 months!




Igloo Environmental- British Ingenuity at its very best!






HatchThatch testimonials:


Teresa Howarth Co-ordinator, The Greener Homes DIY Scheme - Suffolk Coastal District Council -


"People seem really pleased with them, [sic HatchThatch] they think they are incredibly easy to fit and even if your loft hatch isn't quite the right size for the standard dimensions, because of the way the product is fixed on and because it is so flexible, you just make it fit."


Mrs Lorraine Lloyd 60 year old lady from Saxmundham when asked about HatchThatch -


"One of the advantages to the loft cover is that it is very easy to install which negates the need for a specialist contractor - I did it for myself!"



Sam Griggs Energy Efficiency Officer - Cambridge City Council -


"When I fitted the product, on a winters day, I noticed the affect immediately. It was, as if, I'd closed a window inside my home."


Paul Dobbyn Retired Chartered Engineer


" I had my loft hatch insulated under the CERT scheme. Would you believe the contractor insulated the loft hatch by stuffing remnants of insulation material back into the plastic packaging and crudely stapled this to the hatch. This was useless as it left gaps everywhere. I replaced this bodge job with a HatchThatch and there is now a noticable difference in the lack of heat loss."





For each and every HatchThatch produced no fewer than 130 plastic bottles are prevented from being land filled. More importantly the reuse and recycling of plastic prevents the additional harmful effects of methane - a very potent greenhouse gas. Methane is in fact 22 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.